Sunday, February 20, 2011

Just gettin'...wiser?

This week I turned 28.

I know it's customary on such an occasion to weep uncontrollably while cursing the heavens for the relentless march of time, but considering most of the people I grew up admiring never made it past 27 I'm actually pretty chipper about this achievement.

After a low-key celebration last year (I, annoyingly, had job interviews both on the day of my birthday and the day after [I never got either]) I wanted to make sure I did something to remember my 28th year by. The original plan (going to the Moonlight Cinema) fell through after heavy afternoon rain storms so we ended up going to the Corner Hotel in Richmond instead.

Here are a few pics from the night:


At the Corner


The 'Happy Birthday' moment

Over the course of the night we worked our way through a fair number of jugs of beer and cider. Miraculously I still pulled up ok for work the next day (I thought old age was meant to make hangovers worse?!) A good night and definitely one to remember. Now only two more years of my twenties left. Sigh...

(A special thanks to Andy Vo for taking a heap of brilliant photos over the night. And for giving me a lift home. What a guy!)

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